With the end of summer and the beginning of school it reminds all of us the importance of Education!

The Primary School at La Concorde in Jacmel Haiti will be starting classes Monday. LOVE Takes Root visions that next year we will not only be starting Primary class but Secondary also.

The 176 Fundraising effort has begun and it is all about working together and everybody being part of the future. We are looking for 1000 people to each give $176.00.  We will be listing each donors name on the wall of the school. This demonstrates not only our love of these children BUT the importance of Education.

The best part about Fundraising for LOVE Takes Root is our overhead is less then 2% so the money gets to go straight to the project and Get it done!

The drawings are done and the Haitian crews are ready. Our part is to get the word out to as many hearts as we can.  If you need any assistance you can also contact us on the website or call our 800 number.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.       Nelson Mandela

secondary school