In Between

2016-10-19T12:53:58-05:00February 18th, 2015|Mission Trips|

This blog often has many entries for our mission trips. Pictures of the wonderful children we are helping and the much improved conditions and lives they are living. BUT there is a lot of in between!  Most of the in between is done by a lot of volunteers behind the scenes.  In Between can be continuing to communicate and update others. To problem solving with board members and then there is the never ending Fundraising.  There are so many avenues of Fundraising but some of the most stressful is "the event"! So this is a peak time for in between. [...]

Did I Mention Volunteers?

2015-02-05T16:11:25-06:00February 5th, 2015|Mission Trips|

LOVE Takes Root is very proud of the fact that for every dollar you donate 98cents goes directly to the project and the children of La Concorde!  Yes an over head less then 2%. How is that possible? It is because of the dedication of many volunteers. The organization is run by a volunteer network and they live in  places all over the United States. The pay is not in the green stuff you put in the bank, but the great stuff you fill up your soul with. It is so hard to  count, much less always acknowledge all of those who [...]

Cultivating Children

2016-10-19T12:53:58-05:00February 2nd, 2015|Mission Trips|

I am the Facilitator of LOVE Takes Root. Just a nice title for the person who keeps everyone moving forward, sometimes every so slowly! I  have decided to blog more often about the journey not just trip journeys with LOVE Takes Root.  I have a hand written journal  with so many gratitude filled and learning moments that need to be shared with each of you. Just a lot of fear to post it out there for all to read. The problem is  I have a daughter who is a fantastic writer and an additional eight children who are always willing to provide [...]