The Work of Play

2016-10-19T12:53:57-05:00April 27th, 2015|Mission Trips|

"Play is the work of the Child."  Maria Montessouri At La Concorde we have a dream that the children in the orphanage get to play on a play ground! Not just on hard dirt with some sticks, if they can find some.  A couple had approached the board with the energy and vision to make this happen. They started with a playground company. This was exciting but very expensive. As  this journey with LOVE Takes Root continues to show us if we ask we will receive and  we were connected to Kids Around the World. Kids Around the World is a non-profit that builds playgrounds [...]

What we Learned about Rain

2015-04-01T08:43:07-05:00April 1st, 2015|Mission Trips|

We have had many rainy storms and rainy days over the last two weeks in Haiti. Some things we have learned. 1. Haitians do not like to go out in the rain. Streets are quiet and the number of clinic patients is small. 2. Even if you are not in the rain at all you are wet all day long. Nothing is dry. Somehow the rain seeps into everything.  Even your water resistant watch! 3. Paper has no ability to maintain information. It is damp, smeared and rips easily. It has a short shelf life. 4. After the rain the [...]