Many Blessings

2016-10-19T12:53:56-05:00November 26th, 2015|Mission Trips|

No Turkey today but the joy of sharing blessings with the children of La Concorde. Taking each child out in multiple groups to have pizza and experience the laughs and joys and excitement made missing pumpkin pie worth it all. Everyone left with a full stomach and our mission team left with full hearts. It is a blessing to be on this journey with each one of you involved with LOVE Takes Root. The gifts so many have shared in many ways is the greatest blessings. LOVE Takes Root is Thankful.


2016-10-19T12:53:56-05:00November 14th, 2015|Mission Trips|

Delva Walker Amichaday Grade: 6 Age: 13 Q: What is your favorite part about school? A: I really like learning, studying, and doing my homework.   Q: What is your favorite subject? A: My favorite subject is History. Q: What is your favorite thing to do during school? A: I like my classes and playing at recess. During recess I like to study or draw. I also like to play football with my friends. I play football for the school and for my team called “The Superstars.” Q: What is the best part about being in sixth grade? A: I [...]

Blessed to be a Student!

2016-10-19T12:53:57-05:00November 3rd, 2015|Mission Trips|

This is an interview of Zulu, who is a child living at La Concorde Orphanage and attending the primary School.  A future Teacher?  Enjoy! ZouLoute Noiseline Grade: 3 Age: 9 Q: What is your favorite part about school? A: I love learning mathematics. Q: What are you learning about in school now? A: We are learning about history, science, and geography in my class. Q: What is your favorite part about recess? A: I love running and playing tag. I also like playing games. Q: What do you think about the new playground? A: It’s great! I like it a [...]