Haiti Time

2016-10-19T12:53:55-05:00March 28th, 2016|Mission Trips|

I am writing this as I look at the beautiful water crashing on the shores of Jacmel.  This is the second week of a mission and teaching trip to La Concorde, the orphanage,school and clinic that partners with LTR. Haiti time had a whole new meaning this March visit. In the past  Haiti has followed day light savings time. So they would be on  Eastern Standard Time.  This year however a decision was made not to "spring ahead".  This would not be a big deal if they had told the world clock and the airlines. SO if you use your [...]

Growing Pains

2016-10-19T12:53:55-05:00March 19th, 2016|Mission Trips|

On our blog we do not only want to give you a glimpse of mission trips and project status, but a journey with LOVE Takes Root as an organization. As the facilitator I am learning with you and gaining insight daily. Growth is often measured in size. We weigh and measure a baby often to document their growth. We measure the number of employees to define the growth of a new business. We visualize the growth of the tree as it reaches for the sky. We talk about the growth of a person in wisdom and knowledge. You hear many talk [...]


2016-10-19T12:53:55-05:00March 13th, 2016|Mission Trips|

Sustainability is a buzz word in the work of non-profits. But I as the facilitator wondered what does that mean and is the meaning the same for all who use it?  The Definition in Webster's is: the ability to last or continue for a long time. The next question would be does this apply to the non-profit organization or the project they are working with? Another definition was the state of not requiring any aid, support or interaction for survival-- autonomy. Having a pediatric health background I could relate to autonomy. Immediately a picture of a toddler pops into my brain. Erickson's teaching of [...]