Entrusting EducationEntrusting AdministrationEntrusting Self Sufficiency



“ Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.”  Desmond Tutu       

Entrusting Education 

La Concorde has 240 children enrolled in the Primary and Secondary schools. This year the 8th grade class was begun. It has been difficult to find teachers at the secondary level. The vision is to have power, computers and internet that will help with this secondary level of learning during the next school year.

A half wall preschool building was constructed this year to help with the large enrollment in Kindergarten. Because Jacmel does not have any daycare facilities the younger children that are enrolled at La Concorde will be placed in preschool – Kindergarten 1. This building has  learning centers and unstructured play to facilitate development.

LOVE Takes Root had a continuing education week for teachers at the end of the school year in 2017. Centers were set up and demonstrated to the teachers on how centers can be used in the younger grades. Carpet squares and circle time were both well received by La Concorde Kindergarten teachers!  LTR will continue the Teaching the Teachers in 2018 stressing the 4 C’s Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

Entrusting Administration

There has been a strong emphasis on mentoring skills in administration and finance in 2017 for the staff at La Concorde Orphanage, School and Medical/Dental Clinic. Because of respectful relationships there has been success in the basic concept of tracking and the groundwork for budgeting. The sponsor monies will continue to be applied to each orphan for daily living expenses. A child at the orphanage will be admitted to La Concorde school with no school fees. The school continues to work for financial independence by September 2019. LTR has a new committee with the mission to assist in the business plan and work with La Concorde administration in excel and budgeting programming. The University of Michigan Ross School of Business and the University of Iowa Entrepreneurial Management Institute have both committed to work with LTR and La Concorde on business and marketing plans in 2018.

Project Nourish was launched in 2017 to fill the gap of nutrition for the children at the orphanage while school expenses continue to be used from total budget.

Entrusting Self Sufficiency

LOVE Takes Root board and membership work hard at looking toward independence for the La Concorde administration and staff. The school has been certified and licensed following the Haitian government laws. La Concorde Orphanage has also been Certified and Licensed this past year. Please note in the southeast region there are less than 5% of the orphanages that have certification. This has taken a lot of staff time and community interaction but is an important step. The solar power project will leave La Concorde with panels that have a 25 year warranty and the mechanism to have them continually serviced.

The Harvest program has begun for La Concorde Orphanage.  This an apprenticeship program for those children in the orphanage that will not qualify for university. The administration of La Concorde has connected with business leaders for positions that teach a trade and provide a skill set for future employment. The first students will start with the tailor, learning to sew in June 2018. The education about family values and individual responsibility continues to be stressed with the children at La Concorde. The vision is for them to change the future of  Haiti.

Happy New Year, a sincere thank you to all the donors, volunteers, Sponsors, and committee/board members that makes this journey filled with LOVE.  Blessings in 2018.