March 20-today was a very busy day.  After the clinic we took a group of children swimming. Kara did a few swimming lessons.  The kids were doing great, wish we had more time to work on this. Back to the orphanage and a little jump roping and tag, it’s so awesome hearing little voices squeal with delight as you are chasing them around! Then a change of clothes and a group of kids and us went and watched a soccer game and the kids sold jewelry to some mission workers. Then eighteen of us piled in the van and into Jacmel for pizza, the kids loved this. Next time if I can eat pizza for a week, I would love to take a group everyday so everyone gets the chance! These kids are the most well behaved and well mannered kids, I love each and everyone of them. After pizza we all went down to the boardwalk to see the beautiful artwork! Jacmel is truly a beautiful city.