LOVE Takes Root lost one of our ROOTS for a Child Sponsor on April 27th. She was 89 years old and a caring compassionate woman who lived life to the fullest. Arlene was a woman before her time, and those who knew her were privileged. She always presented herself with colorful clothes, big earrings and nails done. She an extraordinary mother to two sons and a wife that enjoyed and embraced her marriage. She worked with her husband running a drug store using her savvy business skills to guide them.

When LOVE Takes Root started, at the age of 84 Arlene jumped right in. What can I do? Can I sponsor someone? What can I send him?  When most people her age and thinking about all of their aches and pains, she was thinking about others. Even during her last days she prayed for and spoke about the dreams she had for her sponsored child.

In her obituary, left to cherish her memory, mentioned are her exchange students and the many sponsored children through various charitable organizations. Someone that believed in changing the world by opening your heart and life to others not matter how far away they lived.

May each of us find that passion which stays with us to the end of our life. That drive us to believe in making a difference in the world. And doing it. Making the world our family.

At Arlene’s funeral they sang the hymn, On Eagles’ Wings. In the chorus the words say “Make you shine like the sun.” And Arlene did that. A thank you to all of our sponsors who shine like the sun!

For additional information on becoming a ROOTS for a Child sponsor visit our web site and contact Us. We will be quickly in touch!