March 21- up early heading through the mountains back to the airport. Next time I will take Dramamine even though I never experience car sickness this ride is a little rough! Sharing this week with my eldest daughter, Kara and friend Andrew has been fantastic. The two together, are a comedy duo they had me laughing all week! I can never thank the Bastians enough for the love and care they give to all the children. This was my fourth trip to Haiti and this country and people truly touch your heart and I can’t wait to come back! If you have the ability I recommend coming here, bring your family! If you think you have nothing to contribute such as medical or teaching back grounds, you are so wrong!  Just spending time with the kids, playing games, coloring, singing songs those are the things that mean the most, showing them that they matter and are loved.  Rocking little Jeff, holding Marilou’s hand as you walk around those are the things that matter! Thank you to all for the financial support for La Concorde. I can tell you first hand that you are making a difference in so many lives!