24 05, 2016

Inspiration for the Future

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Last week some board members of  LOVE Takes Root went to the Okoboji Middle School to hear a presentation and accept a donation from two groups of 5th grade students. They had an assigned  project that needed action. Both groups choose to help other children who did not have as many opportunities as they did. The one group chose to collect shoes.  La Concorde has been in need of shoes and this is not a one time need. They learned about the shoes by connecting with LTR and learning what the needs were. Then they got organized and collected gently [...]

11 05, 2016

An Amazing Sponsor

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LOVE Takes Root lost one of our ROOTS for a Child Sponsor on April 27th. She was 89 years old and a caring compassionate woman who lived life to the fullest. Arlene was a woman before her time, and those who knew her were privileged. She always presented herself with colorful clothes, big earrings and nails done. She an extraordinary mother to two sons and a wife that enjoyed and embraced her marriage. She worked with her husband running a drug store using her savvy business skills to guide them. When LOVE Takes Root started, at the age of 84 [...]

3 05, 2016

Partnership Denver School of Nursing and LTR

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This is a reprinted article talks about the partnership with LTR and DSN. Enjoy. Denver School of Nursing Students Give 400 Hours of Healthcare to Haitian Orphans Denver School of Nursing Six Denver School of Nursing (DSN) students, accompanied by a DSN faculty member, provided 10 days of pediatric care and community health education in a Haitian orphanage and mountain clinic with the nonprofit, LOVE Takes Root (www.lovetakesroot.org), said Marguerite Distel, RN, DSN assistant professor (www.denverschoolofnursing.edu). “Every quarter, DSN students engage in service-learning globally as part of their participation in our nursing college’s Global Health Perspectives (GHP) program,” said Distel, [...]

13 04, 2016

Heeding Haiti’s Call

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This was first published in DMU Alumni Magazine April 6, 2016.  Heeding Haiti’s call April 6, 2016 — Barb Boose A WARM AND WONDERFUL PLACE: Rick Wilkerson, D.O.80, and his wife, Barbara, rallied resources and like-minded supporters to move an orphanage from Port-au-Prince to a new facility near Haiti’s southern coast. Rick Wilkerson, D.O.’80, didn’t need Haiti to fulfill his passion for overseas medicine. After all, he’s provided health care and medical training regularly since 1991 in nations ranging from Afghanistan to Vietnam as well as the United States. But when a planned trip to Afghanistan was canceled in 2010, [...]

12 04, 2016

Reality Check

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Posting a blog written by BVU Student, Abby, who spent her J-Term in Haiti.  Reality Check After being in Haiti for two weeks the reality of it all is starting to hit me. I remember at the beginning of the trip I had multiple people ask me how are you doing? Is Haiti overwhelming you? I had thought no I am fine. After two weeks my opinion on this question has completely changed. I have noticed that the first week I was very oblivious to certain things. I didn't realize the harsh reality of living in Haiti. As I am [...]

7 04, 2016

Care for yourself while caring for others

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Excited to introduce our newest activity at LOVE Takes Root. The Roots Runners. LOVE Takes Root (LTR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the future of children worldwide.  We help children around the world facing dire circumstances by delivering basic aid, education and the seeds for a sustainable future.  In 2011, we were called to Haiti where we have relocated and rebuilt an orphanage reduced to rubble by the 2010 earthquake.  For sustainability, we have also built a primary school, medical/dental clinic, and are presently building a secondary school. LOVE Takes Root is an Iowa-based volunteer-led grassroots organization that [...]

3 04, 2016

Plane Reflections

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As the facilitator of LOVE Takes Root I have a lot of trips back and forth to Haiti. Which means I have a lot of time setting on a plane. Below I will share some of my plane reflections from my trip back this past week. As I compare the despair and sadness leaving La Concorde Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince in 2011 with the love and smiles I have while leaving La Concorde in Jacmel in 2016, it seems like such a quick journey. Although at the time having the knowledge of children with no clean water, food, shelter or healthcare made [...]

28 03, 2016

Haiti Time

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I am writing this as I look at the beautiful water crashing on the shores of Jacmel.  This is the second week of a mission and teaching trip to La Concorde, the orphanage,school and clinic that partners with LTR. Haiti time had a whole new meaning this March visit. In the past  Haiti has followed day light savings time. So they would be on  Eastern Standard Time.  This year however a decision was made not to "spring ahead".  This would not be a big deal if they had told the world clock and the airlines. SO if you use your [...]

19 03, 2016

Growing Pains

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On our blog we do not only want to give you a glimpse of mission trips and project status, but a journey with LOVE Takes Root as an organization. As the facilitator I am learning with you and gaining insight daily. Growth is often measured in size. We weigh and measure a baby often to document their growth. We measure the number of employees to define the growth of a new business. We visualize the growth of the tree as it reaches for the sky. We talk about the growth of a person in wisdom and knowledge. You hear many talk [...]

13 03, 2016


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Sustainability is a buzz word in the work of non-profits. But I as the facilitator wondered what does that mean and is the meaning the same for all who use it?  The Definition in Webster's is: the ability to last or continue for a long time. The next question would be does this apply to the non-profit organization or the project they are working with? Another definition was the state of not requiring any aid, support or interaction for survival-- autonomy. Having a pediatric health background I could relate to autonomy. Immediately a picture of a toddler pops into my brain. Erickson's teaching of [...]