On December 22nd, I decided to sign up to become an Independent Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts, LLC. I was initially thinking I was going to purchase items for myself at a discount and maybe I would sell something here and there. However, on the very same day, someone on Facebook had shared the article from Iowa Radio (http://www.radioiowa.com/2015/11/26/spencer-doctors-love-takes-root-charity-raising-money-to-open-haiti-school/) about Love Takes Root. Having grown up in the Spencer area, I had heard about the Wilkerson family and their mission trips, but I hadn’t heard about Love Takes Root before. I was inspired by what this organization is doing. I gave a personal donation that day, but I keep thinking about them and wondered what else I could do to help.


Thirty-One Gifts was having an outlet sale at the end of December and it occurred to me that maybe I could use the commission I received from my sales of Thirty-One products, to donate to Love Takes Root. I created a Facebook group for this sale and said I would be supporting this organization with my commission. I had no idea if anyone would buy anything or not, but in a matter of 2 days, I had raised $80 for Love Takes Root! I was so inspired. I continued to collect orders through January with the commission going to Love Takes Root. We ended January with $250 raised for this organization. I continue to update the facebook group (facebook.com/groups/giftsforacause) on the progress of the school in Haiti as I see the updates. It’s been really neat to see this progress and to know the money is being put to good use. I’ve decided I want to continue to help charities and causes like this with my commission. Thank you Love Takes Root for all you do and for being an inspiration to me!


*If anyone would like to have a Thirty-One Gifts party with the commission supporting this organization or if they would like to have their purchase support this organization, they can order through mythirtyone.com/Stadsvold and send me a message to let me know they want to support them. This is only available through Jayme Stadsvold, Independent Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, LLC. This is not sponsored or endorsed by Thirty-One Gifts, LLC.