Update On Haiti Unrest

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Hi Friends! We have some important information to go over the latest happenings in Haiti. Before we dive into what those are, we do want to let you know that our children, staff, and volunteers are all safe!! So many of LOVE Takes Root caring volunteers, donors and sponsors have been asking how is everyone doing in Haiti. We are blessed to report everyone is safe and although no activities such as school, transportation, gas stations, markets have reopened, things are quiet in Jacmel. Volunteers are safe! LOVE Takes Root had a trip scheduled this week. A much awaited and prepared [...]

Thinking about a Service Trip?

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This is from a member of the August Service/Mission team.  I love the picliz too! My name is Julia Bobinet, I am a Junior at the University of Iowa studying nursing.  I was raised in the small town of Osage, Iowa.  I was given the opportunity to travel to Haiti with Love Takes Root in August.  This was my first time participating in an international service trip!  At first. I was a little nervous because I had never met my team members, let alone traveled outside of the country without my family.  When we arrived in Haiti our team gathered [...]

Volunteer Spotlight: Ted Skidmore

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Ted Skidmore began his involvement with LOVE Takes Root as a donor, but his passion for and commitment to the work of LTR grew following his first trip to Haiti. After a 27 year career in marketing, including 21 years at The Walt Disney Company, Ted decided to take a break from corporate entertainment and spent a week visiting La Concorde in Jacmel, Haiti as a LOVE Takes Root volunteer. His trip to Haiti was an experience that inspired Ted to focus on improving the lives of others, and after identifying the need for better quality and quantity nutrition for [...]

2017 Review Entrusting the Future

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Entrusting Education,  Entrusting Administration,  Entrusting Self Sufficiency               “ Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.”  Desmond Tutu        Entrusting Education  La Concorde has 240 children enrolled in the Primary and Secondary schools. This year the 8th grade class was begun. It has been difficult to find teachers at the secondary level. The vision is to have power, computers and internet that will help with this secondary level of learning during the next school year. A half wall preschool building was constructed this year to help with the large enrollment [...]

Katie Shares Roots Runner Experience

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  My name is Katie Koenecke.  Last October I decided to take on a new challenge and committed to running my first marathon for Love Takes Root.  I had previously ran a half marathon and a few 5Ks, but never thought I could run 26.2 miles! To train, I started running shorter distances and found a running partner that held me accountable and pushed me to run longer distances and keep going when I wanted to quit – this was one of the biggest blessings to my training.  As the miles progressed every week I quickly learned it was all [...]

Roots Runners in Denver! Join Us

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Run with a Purpose, Run for a Cause! LOVE Takes Root will have Roots Runners at the Colfax Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10 miler and Relay Race on May 21st! If you have even thought about accomplishing a charity run do it! We will motivate you to the finish line. The money raised at this event will be assisting to accomplish the goal of sustainability. LOVE Takes Root does not just talk about this we are doing it. The goal this year is to install solar power to La Concorde Orphanage and School. Electricity can change the future for so many [...]

Thankful for Education

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A reflection from a recent mission trip. Sitting on a bench with sweat dripping down my back and mosquitoes attacking my ankles, I feel no discomfort while listening to the sounds of 200 children at recess. It brings great joy. The opportunity for education is so often undervalued in our comfortable lives in the United States. In the US we have lost the appreciation of the gift of  knowledge in our schools. The futures LOVE Takes Root are impacting with education, is humbling. It is not unnoticed on these children and the Haitian people. They have a deep respect for [...]

Ahead of the Curve

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http://on.wsj.com/2ef3X4B This article that was recently printed in the Wall Street Journal and reinforces the value system of LOVE Takes Root Board and organization. From the beginning of the La Concorde Haiti project, LOVE Takes Root has had a business plan and an exit strategy. We have no in-country director. Rather we mentor our Haitian partners to have a full understanding of what it takes to be independent and sustainable. Self-sustainability has been our unified mission.  This is not necessarily the easiest way to provide aid and support to the developing world.   But with strong communication and trust, projects [...]

Hurricane Matthew Update

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Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti Oct 4th with rain continuing through out the week. Jacmel was just east of the eye of this hurricane but sustained high winds and a lot of rain! The children and staff at La Concorde remain safe. They all stayed together in the dining hall through the worst of the storm. None of the buildings at La Concorde were damaged and for that we are very thankful. The recovery after is very difficult. There is minimal infrastructure and everyone was already in a survival mode prior to the storm.  At La Concorde we are in [...]

Volunteer Spot Light

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Matt Hanson  Matt has volunteered his time these last 6 months with LOVE Takes Root,  to be trainer for Roots Runner. He posts weekly workouts to bring our dedicated runners pounding the pavement to make a difference in the lives of children, to the finish line. Roots Runners are competing in the October 16  IMT Des Moines Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Many are new to the sport and their passion to Run with a purpose, Run for a cause has been supported by Matt. Matt is a professional triathlete and still takes time in his life to serve others. He [...]