Care for yourself while caring for others

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Excited to introduce our newest activity at LOVE Takes Root. The Roots Runners. LOVE Takes Root (LTR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the future of children worldwide.  We help children around the world facing dire circumstances by delivering basic aid, education and the seeds for a sustainable future.  In 2011, we were called to Haiti where we have relocated and rebuilt an orphanage reduced to rubble by the 2010 earthquake.  For sustainability, we have also built a primary school, medical/dental clinic, and are presently building a secondary school. LOVE Takes Root is an Iowa-based volunteer-led grassroots organization that [...]

Plane Reflections

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As the facilitator of LOVE Takes Root I have a lot of trips back and forth to Haiti. Which means I have a lot of time setting on a plane. Below I will share some of my plane reflections from my trip back this past week. As I compare the despair and sadness leaving La Concorde Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince in 2011 with the love and smiles I have while leaving La Concorde in Jacmel in 2016, it seems like such a quick journey. Although at the time having the knowledge of children with no clean water, food, shelter or healthcare made [...]

Haiti Time

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I am writing this as I look at the beautiful water crashing on the shores of Jacmel.  This is the second week of a mission and teaching trip to La Concorde, the orphanage,school and clinic that partners with LTR. Haiti time had a whole new meaning this March visit. In the past  Haiti has followed day light savings time. So they would be on  Eastern Standard Time.  This year however a decision was made not to "spring ahead".  This would not be a big deal if they had told the world clock and the airlines. SO if you use your [...]

Growing Pains

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On our blog we do not only want to give you a glimpse of mission trips and project status, but a journey with LOVE Takes Root as an organization. As the facilitator I am learning with you and gaining insight daily. Growth is often measured in size. We weigh and measure a baby often to document their growth. We measure the number of employees to define the growth of a new business. We visualize the growth of the tree as it reaches for the sky. We talk about the growth of a person in wisdom and knowledge. You hear many talk [...]


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Sharing one of the blogs that was written by  BVU Student Haley. She spent her J-term in Haiti at La Concorde. She is majoring in education. In Haiti at La Concorde she taught a lot and learned a lot. The children loved the opportunity to share moments and LOVE. A Walk to Remember Our days in Haiti are quickly coming to an end and I have been thinking about leaving ever since this weekend. I am ready in some ways to go home, but if I had the opportunity, I think that I would choose to stay here or adopt a few [...]

GO Time

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This is the week where you wonder how everything or anything in life gets done! The hustle, the bustle and programs every night. The joy in your heart and the ache in your legs.  Cooking and cleaning and wrapping and baking! Sounds like reindeer names. Then the message is loud and clear from the Board of LOVE Takes Root:  WE NEED TO RAISE THE REST OF THE MONEY TO FINISH THE SCHOOL. Just when I  was ready to pack up the computer and close the lid I realize the commercialism of my life and the reality of the lives the children we [...]

Back to Building!

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We have raised enough money to start the walls of the Secondary School. The vision of the school opening September 2016 is a reality. These walls will give the opportunity of education to all of our children at La Concorde and many more children in the community. LOVE Takes Root thanks all those who have given their $176 to make this happen. We now ask as you sit around the dinner table this Holiday Season and share our 176 Fundraiser with Family and Friends! We can make a difference. Giving is so much greater than getting. Enjoy!

Many Blessings

2016-10-19T12:53:56-05:00November 26th, 2015|Mission Trips, sponsors, Volunteers|

No Turkey today but the joy of sharing blessings with the children of La Concorde. Taking each child out in multiple groups to have pizza and experience the laughs and joys and excitement made missing pumpkin pie worth it all. Everyone left with a full stomach and our mission team left with full hearts. It is a blessing to be on this journey with each one of you involved with LOVE Takes Root. The gifts so many have shared in many ways is the greatest blessings. LOVE Takes Root is Thankful.


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Delva Walker Amichaday Grade: 6 Age: 13 Q: What is your favorite part about school? A: I really like learning, studying, and doing my homework.   Q: What is your favorite subject? A: My favorite subject is History. Q: What is your favorite thing to do during school? A: I like my classes and playing at recess. During recess I like to study or draw. I also like to play football with my friends. I play football for the school and for my team called “The Superstars.” Q: What is the best part about being in sixth grade? A: I [...]

Teaching English at La Concorde School!

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Hello from Haiti! My name is Kelsey and I am currently staying at La Concorde and working at the primary school teaching English and computer classes. I am also teaching English lessons at the local university two evenings a week. My journey to Jacmel began a little over three weeks ago after the Wilkerson family first introduced me to Love Takes Root and shared this wonderful opportunity with me. After recently completing two years in an AmeriCorps program, I felt passionate about continuing to pursue service opportunities. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be embarking on this adventure and I’m [...]