Roots Runners in Denver! Join Us

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Run with a Purpose, Run for a Cause! LOVE Takes Root will have Roots Runners at the Colfax Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10 miler and Relay Race on May 21st! If you have even thought about accomplishing a charity run do it! We will motivate you to the finish line. The money raised at this event will be assisting to accomplish the goal of sustainability. LOVE Takes Root does not just talk about this we are doing it. The goal this year is to install solar power to La Concorde Orphanage and School. Electricity can change the future for so many [...]

Hurricane Matthew Update

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Hurricane Matthew swept through Haiti Oct 4th with rain continuing through out the week. Jacmel was just east of the eye of this hurricane but sustained high winds and a lot of rain! The children and staff at La Concorde remain safe. They all stayed together in the dining hall through the worst of the storm. None of the buildings at La Concorde were damaged and for that we are very thankful. The recovery after is very difficult. There is minimal infrastructure and everyone was already in a survival mode prior to the storm.  At La Concorde we are in [...]

How long is a day?

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When in Haiti although it takes so long to get something done like buy a screw to fix a  door. This could be a 3 hour process or more. Time moves at a much slower pace. Somehow the day has more hours. Back at home in Iowa the day runs away with a quickness that although I can buy a screw in 20 minutes, at the end of the day the TO DO List for LOVE Takes Root is still long and not complete. The number of people who contribute a talent and time is so numerous connecting in a [...]

WEB Site Journey

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Welcome to our new and "improved" web site. I think of this as the rest of the story. There is the work of the present project, in this case La Concorde orphanage and school. Then there is the work of maintaining a non-profit. Communication, Communication, Communication. The new web site represents our global store front. We want everyone to know who we are, what we do and come in to browse! We have something for anyone who wants to enlarge their lives by working together to cultivate the lives of children world wide. Designing the web site was a task [...]