LOVE Takes Root has two Buena Vista Education Majors spending their J-term teaching at La Concorde.

Today we ventured to the orphanage on our own, taking a Tap Tap by ourselves and getting the full Haitian experience. It is like a mix between taxi and bus service so it’s fairly easy to navigate and helps me to feel not so stuck at the hotel; this is something that we have all been experiencing lately. We are starting to want to venture out and explore other places instead of seeing the same view everyday. We are beginning to become comfortable enough with the new place that we want to venture out and see different things, experience different parts of the city, and of course find some beaches when we aren’t working at the school.

I brought some books today when I went to LTR and the kids immediately fell in love!! They could listen to stories all day. This really made me regret taking clothes and not more books! I wished that I had known how little they get read to; it broke my heart. Books were such a massive part of my childhood and I am firm believer that they help to encourage education and academic achievement.

There was one point in the day that a little girl who has grown fairly close to me, Solange, who started writing the numbers 1-10 in chalk on the sidewalk and when I got excited for her, she continued to write all of the numbers 1-100 out!! I was so excited for her achievement and once seeing that from me, she opened up even more. She broke out in a huge smile that could light up the night sky and asked to read with me. So I took out a book and began reading only to have her follow my fingers and repeat every sentence as I just had. I couldn’t believe that just that little bit of excitement and interaction with one girl left that big of an impact on her. I’m determined now to see her in school and observe how the teachers really interact with her.

We have been mainly been one-on-one with students or in meetings with administration so seeing all of the teaching done in the classrooms will really help me to see how it is done here. If all that it took was a little encouragement and excitement for them from me when they did something, for them to really open up and be excited about learning; I cannot wait to see how their teachers are and to show them how interacting positively with students gets more reaction and motivation from them.

Before coming here, I thought that it was my calling to be a teacher…now I am more sure than ever. I can’t wait to see what these next couple weeks bring me and the connections I can make with everyone at Love Takes Root!! I know that leaving two weeks from now will kill me, but I am missing people at home very much too. I can only hope that I will be fortunate enough in my future to be able to keep contact with the kids and administration here!!

Tomorrow we get to have brunch with a few teachers from the Americanized school that we visited the other day and spend the day with them!! I can’t wait to hear all about their experience here and it will be nice to speak with some other people who speak English as well! 🙂