LOVE Takes Root spent an afternoon at Sacred Heart Elementary School yesterday. The k-6th grade made different SNOW projects for the children in La Concorde orphanage, Haiti.

They made snow flake people, snow globes, pictures of them making snowmen and snow angels. There is a wonderful book about snow that each child signed. The children were coloring, cutting and gluing with intense concentration. The project was full of love. The children in Haiti will receive the gift with thankfulness and open hearts.

This is the same school children that started the fundraising of the playground at La Concorde last year.  They enjoyed seeing pictures of the children at La Concorde on the slides this year.   The seeds they are planting will grow into great big trees of giving as each child grows up.

Each one of us young and old has something to give, a seed to plant and a large tree to grow. Sometimes you just have to dig in the dirt.

play ground small1  IMG_8907