DSN students and LTR had a long but wonderful day yesterday.  We took some of the children and hiked to Bisson Blu. It is a cold moutain pool. The students loved being cooled off. The children thought it was freezing but smiles continued. When we walked back to Jacmel we quickly gathered up the boys and went to the beach. The only word that comes to mind is crazy time! The boys were throwing themselves into the waves, sputtering and jumping all over each other. They were having a very good time.

We traded and brought the girls. This was a much calmer time at the beach for those of us supervising. We were able to sit on the shore line and slowly walk into the water. The girls laughed with every breaking wave. The sun was starting to set and we took a Tap Tap ride home singing to the orange sky.

Everyone slept well.  It was a day the DSN students declared they would never forget. photo (9)