I am the Facilitator of LOVE Takes Root. Just a nice title for the person who keeps everyone moving forward, sometimes every so slowly! I  have decided to blog more often about the journey not just trip journeys with LOVE Takes Root.  I have a hand written journal  with so many gratitude filled and learning moments that need to be shared with each of you. Just a lot of fear to post it out there for all to read. The problem is  I have a daughter who is a fantastic writer and an additional eight children who are always willing to provide a critical eye to Mom.  But last week I was so filled with a quiet, peaceful joy I have decided to “throw myself off the train.”

Last Thursday I had the privilege to be part of the Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School, grade prek-6th, service learning day. This was a day in a week of celebrating Catholic Schools.  Mrs. VerMulm the kindergarten teacher worked hard to put together a day where the children learned about helping others and then an afternoon of action to help others. They had invited LOVE Takes Root to provide an overview presentation in the morning and they had each grade level do a project for the La Concorde School in the afternoon.  Getting the power point together I had concerns about how boring this all might be to a 6,8 or 10 year old. I love giving presentations and I am never nervous about public speaking, but my heart was pumping as I walked in to the Parish Hall filled with students sitting crisscross applesauce on the floor.

What happened over the next hour was magically and so affirming about the capacity of children and the human spirit. The children were sitting with eyes never wandering, listening to every word and taking in every picture. I could see their heads all titled up and the younger children concentrating with their  mouth slightly dropped open. They took it all into their minds but mostly their hearts. As the talk ended I asked if their were any questions. And this is where I knew how much empathy and insight children have. Their questions were wonderful from actual logistics of the daily lives of the children at La Concorde to the larger cultural understanding. They asked about solar panel use and transportation. Books and Libraries. Food and do they just get to drink water?  They all left wanting more. And as they were filling out of the room I realized with our mission of Cultivating the Future of Children worldwide we are not just working with the children of La Concorde but just cultivated the hearts of many in our own back yard.