The DSN students in Jacmel have been very busy but having a rewarding experience. They have immersed themselves into the Jacmel community. Looking at the area with a Community Health Nursing Prespective. They have taught at La Concorde school toothbrushing. It was well received and they were able to provide each student with a toothbrush. They spent time with fourth year nursing students at Notre Dame School of Nursing. They had a round table discussion, practicum experience in the United States and specialzation in nursing. At La Concorde provided pediatric assessments and found a lot of crackles in lungs with wheezing. We are thankful for having Kristen with us who has reorganized the school pharmacy and documented what supplies we have for the opening of the La Concorde Health/Dental Clinic.

Today they are  spending  in the Operating Room at St Michelle Hosptial in Jacmel. This is the Public hospital. It is in the process of being rebuilt. Then Marie will be conducting the much desired Karate Class at the orphanage!

The nursing students are thankful to all who made this growth opportunity possible.

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