Yesterday was one of the days you have in life where you are just filled with comforting spirit.

I as facilitator of LOVE Takes Root drove across Iowa to meet with Christy who is a Professor at Coe College, and who is interested in learning about May Term opportunities for students. And also a sister with a donation to memorialize her sisters.

We met at a coffee shop in Cedar Rapids. Christy arrived and had her 16 year old daughter with her since it was trimester break. We sat down and I heard the painful story of Christy’s sisters.

Sarah and Suzi Wolfe were murdered in Feb 2014 while they lived and worked in Pittsburg. It is something one can not even grasp a small understanding of the grief to endure. Suzi by her nieces description was a passionate advocate and fighter for children and the underserved, underdogs. She was working in a PreK at the time of her death. Sarah was a pediatrician, child and adolescent physiatrist working at the Medical Center at the time of her death. Both had a love of children and serving others. Their lives ended too soon and too violently.

Emotions were flowing as both sister and niece talk about the devastating effect on the extended Wolfe family. They wanted to honor both women with donating funds raised by the Susan and Sarah Wolfe Memorial Fund to organizations that reflected their beloved sisters beliefs.

I shared the story of LOVE Takes Root.  The mission of changing the future of children’s lives. The value of empowering not with charity but with sustainability. LTR will always continue to love their projects but with ROOTS established we will not need to financially sustain them. And the  fact that LTR is an all volunteer organization so the money we raised is used directly for the benefit of the children.

The sadness lifted a bit as Christy and her daughter talked about visiting the orphanage and maybe Christy’s Mom would go also. You could feel the love of the lost sisters surrounding the conversation cheering on the work they believed so greatly in.  The moment had a magic feeling.

With Christy’s son arriving hungry for lunch, we looked at our watches and could not believe how much time had passed.  We said our goodbyes which felt like hellos. They are part of the LTR journey now and with us has  joined the passions of Suzi and Sarah .