This is LOVE Takes Root 8th Charity Golf Event!

It is for golfers of all abilities to enjoy time outside with friends while raising awareness and funds to change lives of children all over the globe. Since the first LTR Golf event over $150,000 has been raised.  What has this money accomplished?  With a less than 5% overhead for administration of LOVE Takes Root,  A LOT!

This last year has been devastating for the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Civil unrest resulted in a total country shut down and food shortages. Then in March Haiti had documented COVID-19 cases. With a country that does not have clean water for many citizens to wash hands, we fear the tragic that may unfold. LTR will maintain to support this community. AND look to use our network and nonprofit to help children anywhere with their future.

Please share with your friends a family and get a foursome together to be a part of this amazing group of dedicated volunteers!