DSN nurses arrived in Jacmel with swarms of misquotes. Their trip was with out event and they have quickly jumped into life at La Concorde. The clinic has many more items of use with the arrival of duffle bags. We have been receiving some patients and also had time to start assessing the children at La Concorde. Doing a finger stick Hgb on 62 children is a little chaotic. We now have the information to treat those who are anemic. Little steps that can have a big impact. We also have had the recent Haitian nursing graduates with us. They are learning how to do a Hgb and recording. Also treatment. They are very eager to learn and we are pleased to have them with us. The DSN students have been taking turns in the Operating Room at St Michel. The hospital is being rebuilt at this time. It is the efforts of the Japanese and the Canadians. The OR has not been rebuilt at this time. Today is a day of rest at the orphanage we are spending time playing games and planning some down time at the beach.  It is amazing the changes at La Concorde, the dreams implemented. The goal of Haitian run and owned being realized. As I sat in church at La Concorde school this morning listening to the Haitian hymns looking out the open door at the baby goats walking by. Life is good. nurses