This is the week where you wonder how everything or anything in life gets done! The hustle, the bustle and programs every night. The joy in your heart and the ache in your legs.  Cooking and cleaning and wrapping and baking! Sounds like reindeer names. Then the message is loud and clear from the Board of LOVE Takes Root:  WE NEED TO RAISE THE REST OF THE MONEY TO FINISH THE SCHOOL. Just when I  was ready to pack up the computer and close the lid I realize the commercialism of my life and the reality of the lives the children we are helping coming crashing together. Work needs to be done.  We need to keep the journey moving. We have $176 to collect and SEEDS packets to send for Christmas stockings to those who have chosen to give the gift of education. We have wine to sell. This is a local Iowa Winery Calico Skies who has a bottle of white and a bottle of red package together for $39.99! Delivered locally prior to Christmas and Calico Skies is donating 30% to the LOVE Takes Root 176 Fundraiser!  ( Contact  to order).  We have donations to request, emails to send, twitter, facebook and do not forget instagram too. The reality of the work brings a smile to my face, that in the hearts of all of our volunteers and donors is a spirit where everything does get done. For that I am grateful.

Every Day is GO Time!school1