Hello all.  I am pleased to report the teams that have been at La Concorde over the last month have done amazing work!

The clinic is up and running. We have had patients daily and are excited about the future.

The Haitian nurses who are soon to visit the United States for Continuing Education are at a meeting for visa’s today.

The school is having examinations and very excited about the new learning they will have with the projects completed by Sacred Heart. We are going to Google chat between schools  this afternoon. Or at least try.

The children continue to grow with every visit. They say a huge hello to all of their sponsors. I am an official mail ( note) carrier as they write to you all and stuff them in my bag through out the day.

We are going to go to the plage (beach) today. Hope to get everyone there. Becca Stockdale who has been here working with the school on advertising for children who live in Jacmel leaves tomorrow. The children have loved her early childhood experience.

Have a day filled with joy, as ours is filled with gratefulness for all you have done to change lives.march (2)marchmarch 3