On our blog we do not only want to give you a glimpse of mission trips and project status, but a journey with LOVE Takes Root as an organization. As the facilitator I am learning with you and gaining insight daily.

Growth is often measured in size. We weigh and measure a baby often to document their growth. We measure the number of employees to define the growth of a new business. We visualize the growth of the tree as it reaches for the sky. We talk about the growth of a person in wisdom and knowledge. You hear many talk about growing pains and coming of age pains. The adolescence that is a uncomfortable stage in each growth experience.

During growth there is an adolescence for individuals, companies and projects. A time where you have the purest clarity and the murkiest vision. The time that feels awkward. There are blemishes to hide. There is questioning and a fear of who or what will you become when you grow. It is uncomfortable.

LOVE Takes Root is in an adolescent phase. Our first project is about to be physically complete. The exit strategy to be applied. The growing pains of launching being experienced by all involved. Personally as I sent my older children off to college I thought it was too soon and there where so many things I forgot to teach them. It feels the same way with reaching toward sustainability in our project.  It will be  the metamorphosis of independence for La Concorde.

LOVE Takes Root feels awkward, unsure, and conflicted presently in our adolescence.  In reflection this is a great place to be. It demonstrates growth and after growth comes wisdom, identity, and in time more growth.