I am writing this as I look at the beautiful water crashing on the shores of Jacmel.  This is the second week of a mission and teaching trip to La Concorde, the orphanage,school and clinic that partners with LTR.

Haiti time had a whole new meaning this March visit. In the past  Haiti has followed day light savings time. So they would be on  Eastern Standard Time.  This year however a decision was made not to “spring ahead”.  This would not be a big deal if they had told the world clock and the airlines. SO if you use your cell phone to check the time.  Only population above 40 can remember looking at their wrists. The phone is set on Eastern Time. If you had a flight scheduled prior to March it will need to be adjusted  when you take off and land. This just makes for one more calculation while in country. I will blog about the Haitian dollar to Goude to US calculations in another blog.

The White Rabbit was always running late and stressed. The rules in Haiti are different always running late, but there is not stress about this time interpretation.  There is such a calm in the fact that what gets done gets done. This pace takes teams about 2 days to adjust and then most comfortably fall in to this culture of time.

The exception to this rule is school is a strong respect and obedience to get your child to their school on time and in uniform.

The product of this time approach is that Haiti is a place with very patient people. In the US if the grocery store line is waiting behind 2 people there is a huff and puff about shopping somewhere else. As Americans have become very impatient and wanting everything immediately.  It is hard to be present when you are always impatient. The product also for the Haitian is being so present in this moment you can not manage goals for the future.

If we as humans can continue to partner and each embrace the lessons each culture has to offer. To understand that one culture does not contain the perfect and another imperfect. Take time in understanding we can all embrace



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