Below is a blog entry 🙂
Our family arrived in Port Au Prince in the afternoon on Monday, December 22. Due to poor cell phone reception and the high cell phone charges out of the country we could not really rely on our technology to get ahold of Franz or continue to check and see where he was and when he would arrive to the airport. From the very beginning of this trip, such as the airport situation, we have had to rely on God and put our faith and trust in Him. Especially once we got into the van with Franz and Bobby to travel through Port Au Prince to get to Jacmel. I must say it was quite the culture shock being from NW Iowa. For instance, we stopped for gas before leaving Port Au Prince and men were carrying large guns, which isn’t something you see in the states.. Well unless you’re hunting for deer or maybe are a cop, but even then they are usually in a holster. It just reminds me of the verse in the bible and a verse God has continued to bring to mind even before arriving – Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”
[this is] the Lord’s declaration-“plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. God is present with our family on this trip and the trip is building our faith in God and making us fully rely on Him, as I feel that can be something that sometimes gets away from us easily in the states because we have everything at our finger tips – technology, cell phone reception, medical care, plumbing, shelter, food, etc. While driving through Jacmel, well and Port Au Prince, it became very apparent how blessed we are in the states. Even with having the simple things like shoes, as we drove by two young boys in Port Au Prince with no shoes and were running after the cars to clean them and try to make some money. However, there is a part of me that wonders.. Could the Haitians also be the blessed ones or perhaps more so than we are in the states. It seems as if Haitians have to rely on God and put their total trust in Him because they have nothing else. But, they seem to think they have it all. They are the most friendly, kind and loving people I have ever met. I have never been any where in the states where they all waved and said hello to one another. There is something about Haiti, specially Jacmel, where you instantly feel welcomed – at least with the Haitians we have been around thus far. I can feel God’s presence around us through how the LOVE Takes Root staff, the people at the hotel and even in town along with the children at La Concorde have treated us and taken care of us. There was one instance at the orphanage yesterday where the little boy Soule wrote Meredith and I a letter telling us that he loved us, Jesus loved us and he was praying for us. He wrote us the letters only mere hours after we arrived. My heart instantly melt. They not barely knew us but cared so deeply. It’s hard to put into words how that moment made me feel. The little boy let his light shine – God’s light and love for us shine through him so that we may see the good works and give glory to God. I praise and thank God for the work He has done at the orphanage through the Wilkerson family, the sponsors, and the workers and yet continues to do for these children. I was blown away the minute we arrived and were welcomed with songs for God and prayer. I have never felt more welcomed and loved and have never been brought to tears so quickly around people I didn’t know because I was so full of the Lord’s joy to see the little smiling faces praising our God and Mama’s warm presence. Their sincere faith at the orphanage in God was so beautiful, heart warming, and encouraging for my own walk with God – especially when the children bowed down to God during prayer. I can hardly wait to return tomorrow. Love, Abby Hawn.