March 16 our first day seeing patients. Thank you to Great River Medical Center for donating a suitcase full of meds. The first patient we saw was a 95 year old patient carried in by family. He fell 1/28, was having difficulty walking prior to the fall and now was unable to walk. He had pain in his hip plus his foot was rotated out, most likely he had a broken hip. Unfortunately there was not much we could do except give Tylenol and refer. We treated many for high blood pressure, the awesome part about having the clinic at La Concorde people can stop and get their B/P checked next week to see if their med is working or if it needs to be adjusted. Many  mission clinic  are here for a week and then gone.  That is what is so important about this clinic , that it is established and these patients can have continued care, with medical records so their problems can be 2clinic 3