This blog often has many entries for our mission trips. Pictures of the wonderful children we are helping and the much improved conditions and lives they are living. BUT there is a lot of in between!  Most of the in between is done by a lot of volunteers behind the scenes.  In Between can be continuing to communicate and update others. To problem solving with board members and then there is the never ending Fundraising.  There are so many avenues of Fundraising but some of the most stressful is “the event”! So this is a peak time for in between. LOVE Takes Root has a wonderful Fundraiser coming up on Saturday Feb 28th at 7 pm location: Arts on Grand in Spencer, Iowa. The location was chosen because of the amazing back drop of Haitian Art displayed. We are going to serve yummy desserts and specialty chocolates with drinks. There is a silent auction table with fabulous Haitian Artisan pieces and then a 4 item live auction which all of us would love to be the top bidder.  We have before and after pictures and a lot to celebrate. Then our kick off of the final phase of this project at La Concorde- the building of the secondary school!  When you reflect on all that has been accomplished and the last hurdle, the in between has a lot of meaning. And worth every frustration.  From the Anne Frank quote “How wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” That can be in that in between.  Hope you can join us Saturday Feb 28th tickets are $50/person donation. Just contact us on the website.