Last week some board members of  LOVE Takes Root went to the Okoboji Middle School to hear a presentation and accept a donation from two groups of 5th grade students. They had an assigned  project that needed action. Both groups choose to help other children who did not have as many opportunities as they did.

The one group chose to collect shoes.  La Concorde has been in need of shoes and this is not a one time need. They learned about the shoes by connecting with LTR and learning what the needs were. Then they got organized and collected gently used shoes from classmates and family members of classmates. And did they collect shoes! We have boxes to carry down to Haiti over time!

The other group decided to join forces with class members raising money for Habitat for Humanity. They had a middle school dance with concessions available. They understood that often the resource of money can be as useful or more useful than things. It gives options and opportunities. Together the groups were able to raise $1200 at the dance!

These were 5th graders making a difference in the lives of peers. What hope this is for the future of our world. With the terrors of technology and it’s brain numbing ability,  we are often warned about, comes the gift of greater knowledge and exposure to the world. This exposure can bring positive change and empathy that without this information we could never effect.

LOVE Takes Root is humbled by every gift given. That the embrace of children hundreds of miles and culture away are each of our responsibility. Inspiration for our Future.