Do Something

First of all I am just going to say this but I am in no way complaining but it was HOT today. I mean it felt like a super hot summer day in the states and the Haitians told us that this has been a cold winter. I am a person who does not sweat easy or often. I have never sweat so much in my life. Haley and I went to the beach for a little bit this morning. We maybe could stay out of the water for twenty minutes before we would both have sweat pouring off of us. Once again I am not complaining I am just making a statement. In no way am I ready to face the cold that you guys have been dealing with all January. I would much rather take this weather but I am wondering what a summer would feel like here since this is a cold winter.

After spending the morning at the beach we went to the orphanage to spend the afternoon with the kids. I love walking up there and just having kids pile on my lap. Even though we can’t communicate with each other by talking we find other ways to communicate. Today I played tag with Mary Loud and Indiana. I have never heard two girls giggle so much in my life. I love going there and just making the kids giggle. Usually when we walk in the kids look sad and bored and it kills me on the inside. So I do everything I can to get these kids smiling and giggling. I never knew how much enjoyment I could get out of getting so many kids giggling and smiling. I remember on my first day at the orphanage we could barely get any of the kids to smile. I maybe got one or two kids to smile. Now I can get almost all of them to smile and if they don’t smile then I tickle them until they can’t laugh anymore. I was taking some photos with the girls and soon they asked me to take a video of them. I have multiple videos of the girls singing songs and it seriously melts my heart. I know sometime in the near future I will be very happy to have those videos.

We also held a random dance party today. A couple of days ago the girls were asking if I had any music on my phone. One of the songs I play was the “Nae Nae.” I showed the girls the dance to it on that same day. Today Indiana came running up to me saying, “Nae, Nae.” So I pulled the song up on my phone and soon many girls were dancing along and giggling to the song. We also played the song “Party for Two.” I don’t think these girls ever get the opportunity to dance because they were having so much fun dancing around with us. It was fun seeing all the different dance moves the girls came up with.

We also informed the girls that we were going to be staying at the orphanage for our last night there. Haley and I decided the best way to spend our last night here was to spend it with the kids. This will be a true test. I am not sure how much sleep I will get but it will be worth it in the end. We literally told like two girls that we were going to be spending the night and soon like ten girls came running up and asking if we were staying. They all screamed and smiled when we told them that we were staying. I already had girls fighting over whose bed I was going to be sleeping in. For all I know I could have five girls sleeping in a bed with me and I would be totally okay with it! 🙂 With that being said I will not have internet tomorrow night and the next day we are leaving for Port Au Prince so I am unsure if I will have internet at our hotel in Port Au Prince. So my blogs may not come up for a little awhile. Our flight leaves early on Friday morning so I will try and have it all up to date by sometime on Friday!

Leaving these kids is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. I keep telling myself to not think about it. The time is quickly fading away and our goodbye will be here before I know it. I think one of the hardest parts is knowing I can do so much more for these kids but I am just out of time. I am just trying to enjoy every last smile and giggle. It is literally going to break my heart when I leave the gates of this orphanage on Thursday.

With Love,