It has been a difficult year for the citizens of Haiti. Since the beginning of 2019 rumblings of unrest have presented. In September 2019 the civil unrest came and stayed. The lack of gasoline prevented both travel for people and goods across the country, and the prices of food increased dramatically.  The protesters blocked roads making life difficult. Schools have been closed and life is at a stand still.

Most projects in Haiti have in-country directors from United States, Canada and France. The roll of the in country director is to keep things moving and direct when and how things are done. With the civil unrest many in country directors had to leave and return to their home countries until things settle down.  This leaves not only storage of food, gas, school and life as they know it but also left the hole of no one in charge.

LOVE Takes Root values and  supports a mentoring role with their projects. Empowering those we work with to lead with supportive guidance and a large dose of love! We work daily towards the exit strategy planned at the beginning of a project and teach the leadership and management skills required for successful independence. This model has been so important during a time of civil unrest, our Haitian partners are  comfortable with their administrative and leadership roles. The daily decision making and life has not been impacted in even more ways then food and goods unavailable. Although the testing of our values was never in our plan, it has been a positive lesson learned during a trying time. The hope of all those involved with, and loving Haiti is that Haiti can have a recovery period soon.

Thank you to those who have joined us on this journey may we journey forward!