When in Haiti although it takes so long to get something done like buy a screw to fix a  door. This could be a 3 hour process or more. Time moves at a much slower pace. Somehow the day has more hours. Back at home in Iowa the day runs away with a quickness that although I can buy a screw in 20 minutes, at the end of the day the TO DO List for LOVE Takes Root is still long and not complete. The number of people who contribute a talent and time is so numerous connecting in a timely manner is difficult. But the Gratitude whenever expressed is overflowing. There continues to be work. The finishing and opening of the Medical/Dental Clinic. The building of the secondary school. And the empowerment of self sufficiency. We continue to need many minutes and many talents. If you have any to spare contact us on our web page. May your day be filled with thankfulness.