LOVE Take Root Board Member Sean Barry and his family are doing a long-term mission trip at La Concorde this winter. They are working hard to mentor leadership at La Concorde into self sustainability and financial independence. Here is insight to the Start of this mission.
Despite the lack of the comforts that we took for granted in the United States, like consistent running water, electricity and easy communication – we are loving our time in Jacmel – more than we could have imagined. There have been so many moments – like hundreds of moments- when I realized that I had an expectation that couldn’t be met at the moment. I didn’t realize until now how fraught with expectation my life is. Like “I think I’ll make coffee this morning, or take a shower tonight or go to a grocery store to get some food -(this last one is almost comical to me now. I really thought a grocery store would be the place to buy food to feed our family. Boy was I wrong- the place to go is the marchee an outdoor strip mall of sorts – cramped, crazy always bustling where vendors layout their goods every morning and pack them up every night beneath raggedy pieces of cloth or tarp.) so of course there are moments when I feel frustrated that something can’t be done at the moment I wanted to do it and in the way I thought I would do it, but there’s a game to be played in this momentary gap of “ok what now.” And depending on my current outlook it can be really fun and amusing or really awful – if I continue to believe in the urgency of my expectation.

We really needed to get some laundry done one night – but hadn’t been able to find laundry soap and I mistakenly thought we had laundry buckets but we didn’t. So there was this “ok what now – how is this going to happen” moment. And after running through a couple ideas and not knowing how it could get done in a fun way, I ended up doing laundry in our small kitchen sink with dish soap, while Sean cooked and purified our water. It turned out to be a really great evening together.

Another time I had really wanted to meet with Benjamin and start working on a project and had lined up the day before a time to meet and was really excited to start attacking the to do list. But her duties were calling her elsewhere that morning. And so again I sat thinking “ok what now” in front of the staff house. I then saw Montana who was lying on her stomach on the tile outside the girls cottage. She was obviously very sick. So in the beauty of frustrated expectations I got to hold this most precious angel all morning. It was the gift of all gifts. We sat and rocked all morning under the pergola. I kept checking in to see if there was anything else I needed to be doing and if she wanted to sleep in her bed – but it was so clear we both wanted to be exactly where we were. And since this is a lesson that we get to practice at least 10 times a day, it’s becoming quite amusing to see what life has in store for us and that my experience is that it’s way better than what I could have planned or imagined.