Five students from BVU spent the last week in Jacmel Haiti with LOVE Takes Root. They were accompanied by Dean of Education John Bedward. Also on the trip were Barb Wilkerson and Sam Geyer. The focus of this trip was learning about the Haitian education system and the schools in Jacmel. Also looking at the future role of student teachers at La Concorde school.

Our trip although through the night was without any glitches. We drove over the mountains and arrived in Jacmel to a beautiful sunset. Sam was the happiest to be out of the car and settle her stomach!

During the week we observed the school at La Concord. It is presently in the dining hall. They have 4 classes. Because they only have 2 chalk boards they sit very closely together to share the board and it is very noisy. The students work with only one break during school day. The children work very hard at studies. They have national examinations to measure progress.  We also visited and observed the most respected schools in Jacmel. We were able to observe class and learn about the structure of each school.

We were also excited to see the new primary school being quickly built on the orphanage site!  We had discussions on learning environments and enhancement of curriculum. Elisee is taking the lead on the school and has done an excellent job networking in the Jacmel area.
The students also hiked up to Papa’s mountain cabin and hiked to Basson Blue.  As always the week goes so quickly the experience takes weeks to process.
The students were tired and sad to leave. They have made new friends and have learned about themselves.