The second team has now taken over the next shift of opening up the Medical Clinic at La Concorde in Jacmel, Haiti. There are many urgent emails to the next team, of things that are needed, things that have been learned and types of patients seen.  There is a call out to resources both in health care providers to mentor and partner with the Haitian staff. And any resources for basic medical equipment. Contact us if you can help in anyway. tiggerTigger Plumbingclinic openingclinic opening 2Sewing

The returning team had much success in their visit. They got the ball rolling in clinic and set up some process. They also taught at the Nursing School and had a Medical Education Conference at the Public Hospital. Hopefully first of many.

Also in that team they had a plumbing expert. Boy did we need that skill set. And a talented sewer with sewing machine. This was a big hit!

The third group is ready to go and will soon be joined by the Nursing students from the Denver School of Nursing. Will keep you posted.