LOVE Takes Root is very proud of the fact that for every dollar you donate 98cents goes directly to the project and the children of La Concorde!  Yes an over head less then 2%. How is that possible? It is because of the dedication of many volunteers. The organization is run by a volunteer network and they live in  places all over the United States. The pay is not in the green stuff you put in the bank, but the great stuff you fill up your soul with. It is so hard to  count, much less always acknowledge all of those who put in endless hours on a consistent schedule to achieve so much in such a short time. It is humbling to see the energy used and the projects so successful on the efforts of volunteers.   It is a huge blessing to work with a board and group of behind the scenes Volunteers ( who I refer to as staff) on a daily basis. The talents, skills, passion and knowledge is over whelming. And there is always room for more! If you have any passion let us know by Contacting US on our website. If you have 1 hour a month, 1 hour a week or 1 hour a day, we can use your skill. Work on!