LOVE Takes Root just returned from a wonderful week of sports and medicine!  We had eight high school students, two college students, parents, a dermatologist, orthopedic surgeon, nurses and two basketball back boards!

The Parks and Norris families had a sports bag for each child. It contained a shirt for camp, different colors for different groups, a pair of tennis shoes, underwear, socks, water bottle and a volleyball!

Every morning they worked on a different sport. They loved American Football and Basketball.

The Wolfe family was also present: Grandmother, Daughter and 2 grandchildren. They were celebrating the lives of their daughters, sisters, aunts, Sarah and Suzy. It was a tribute to two amazing women.

Haiti has recently been placed on the Travel Alert list by the US. That is because the public hospitals in Haiti are all closed. They have a strike of workers and no government at this time who has bargaining abilities. It is at a stand still. So there is only private hospital care. This means no ambulance running, and no ER. To say the least our health team was busy. We saw a lot of older injuries and had a mountain clinic that just would not end! We were also able to teach and have surgeries in a small private clinic in the area. Missing a lot of supplies but were able to provide care.

The good news is that La Concorde clinic has remained open. We have a Haitian nurse full time and a Haitian primary care physician part time. We hope to make the clinic stronger with having medical expertise from the US visit monthly to help teach the local staff.

As always with our time at La Concorde it goes too fast and there is still so many mentoring things to reinforce. We bring this great abundance of love home and everyone recognizes we went to help but grew ourselves. The story of what can be accomplished by a group of individuals that care,  for no other reason then love for our neighbors is extraordinary.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of this journey. Contact US if you would like to learn more or  have some time to volunteer.