When my tired head hits the pillow I start to laugh to my self, I think this could be Saturday Night Live Sketch. At the end of the day we decide to buy some diesel fuel to use in the generator. It seemed this would maybe be a one hour project.

First is the long discussion about what do you put the fuel in when you buy it. In the conversation is the maintenance man, security guard, school administrator, orphanage director and myself. The first idea was to fill buckets. I do not think that is going to work. I suggest in my american mind how about a truck that comes and fills it up from the station. I am quickly told this does not exist. So then we go to getting a drum. But we do not have money for a drum. Then there is the trip out to see if a drum can be borrow. All this accomplished in over an hour.

At last the maintenance man arrives in his pick up with a drum in the back. Everyone with him smiling at this accomplishment. I think oh good it is 5 pm so we will fill it and get back to the hotel early.

The men get is all set up to pump into the tank. They crank and crank, they move the hose. They tip the tank, they move the truck closer. They continue to look at the gauge and no diesel fuel will flow. Oh did I mention we are in the sun the entire time and it is about 89 degrees. After about 90 minutes I decide to find a solution. Before they start to pour the fuel from the drum to a bucket and pour into tank. I realize they have not vented the drum. The best part is I have no way to communicate what I want them to do. I say the spanish word for open over and over. Thinking this of course will help! Funny is universal. They finally understand and the fuel flows. As I look at my watch and my very hot sticky hungry nursing student, it is 7 pm. The generator running with the lights on we pull away and wave good bye for today. Good Night Moon.