As the facilitator of LOVE Takes Root I have a lot of trips back and forth to Haiti. Which means I have a lot of time setting on a plane. Below I will share some of my plane reflections from my trip back this past week.

As I compare the despair and sadness leaving La Concorde Orphanage in Port-Au-Prince in 2011 with the love and smiles I have while leaving La Concorde in Jacmel in 2016, it seems like such a quick journey. Although at the time having the knowledge of children with no clean water, food, shelter or healthcare made each passing month feel like a year. The Margaret Mead quote immediately comes to mind: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Those involved with LOVE Takes Root organization have changed the world.

The social return on investment by our volunteers and donors is immense. The future of Haiti has been fed, clothed, given shelter, security , education and most important care and love. Thank you sponsors.

These are such changed children from the days and months after the earth quake. They are caring and kind. Working hard to maintain dormitories and dinning hall. They are excited to go to school and study. They are running, jumping, laughing and singing praises a lot!

Since I am personally attached to these children the hard part now is that I will not hug them for 2 months- But someone will.  My despair is lifted. The trips are not over the hours of the plane sitting will continue as we move closer to the independence for La Concorde Orphanage and School.  As our name implies we will provide Root so each project will grow to become self sustaining,  but we will always love!