Greetings from Jacmel. The power is up and running now with generator in place and EDH.  This is when I wonder if I should not just leave lists for my husband when something does not work at home! It has taken me a lot of brain power to understand it all and then reteach to the adults at the orphanage.  I have worked hard with Sam Geyer by my side taking notes.  We think we got it BUT if anyone reading this has this knowledge skill set we would welcome a mission trip.
The water continues to be not seamless at this point.  We do have a plan to use outside well for the cottage water – showers, sinks, toilets and the purified well for kitchen and staff house for drinking.
This will take time.  It seems the purifier takes a lot of power to run and it is slow.  We also have to figure out how we use so much water. We are down to kids standing in the shower too long. This sounds familiar to me, since I have so many teenagers in my family.
As I sit in the staff house with the ceiling fans running I  know we have made progress.