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Spencer Flood

In June of 2024, the community of Spencer, Iowa faced devastating flooding that left many homes, businesses, and schools damaged from being deeply submerged and the force of the surge. The community has worked together to begin the process of rebuilding, but the road to recovery will be long.

Since the inception of LOVE Takes Root, Spencer has been the heart in the center of the logo. It was here in Spencer that our organization was brought to life thanks to the generous hearts in this community. And so, we turn our mission back to that heart- the beloved town of Spencer. We are grateful for all Spencer has done to support the children of Haiti as they face disaster, and now we must help our own community. Spencer, you are in our thoughts and prayers, and you will not face this alone.

We graciously reach out to our LOVE Takes Root family and ask for your help to support the students of Spencer. Your donations will be used to provide school supplies to the youth of Spencer as they prepare to return to school in six weeks. The community will work tirelessly to meet the needs of the students and families, but they cannot do this alone.

How You Can Help Spencer Schools
Back to School Supplies for Spencer

Hosted by LOVE Takes Root & Hy-Noon Kiwanis Support the Spencer students and teachers by restocking the supplies lost to the June 2024 flood