A reflection from a recent mission trip.


Sitting on a bench with sweat dripping down my back and mosquitoes attacking my ankles, I feel no discomfort while listening to the sounds of 200 children at recess. It brings great joy. The opportunity for education is so often undervalued in our comfortable lives in the United States. In the US we have lost the appreciation of the gift of  knowledge in our schools. The futures LOVE Takes Root are impacting with education, is humbling. It is not unnoticed on these children and the Haitian people. They have a deep respect for  learning and are life long learners. Haitian adults do not stop pursuing any education opportunity through out their lives. If the funding is available they are anxious and willing to continue education. Many Haitians do not have wealth in the traditional monetary system but many have the wealth of knowledge. LOVE Takes Root is thankful to bring this wealth of knowledge to so many children in Jacmel Haiti. La Concorde school is a well run school environment with teachers that have a passion. May each of our donors and volunteers experience the joy of recess screams and sounds of  laughter in their hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving.