Matt Hanson 


Matt has volunteered his time these last 6 months with LOVE Takes Root,  to be trainer for Roots Runner. He posts weekly workouts to bring our dedicated runners pounding the pavement to make a difference in the lives of children, to the finish line.

Roots Runners are competing in the October 16  IMT Des Moines Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. Many are new to the sport and their passion to Run with a purpose, Run for a cause has been supported by Matt.

Matt is a professional triathlete and still takes time in his life to serve others. He has a passion for changing the future of children! Matt recently won the Des Moines Triathlon. Matt states on his website” giving back has been something that was ingrained early in my childhood through my parents and through my church.” LOVE Takes Root is grateful for Matt who uses his talents to serve!