Welcome to our new and “improved” web site. I think of this as the rest of the story. There is the work of the present project, in this case La Concorde orphanage and school. Then there is the work of maintaining a non-profit. Communication, Communication, Communication. The new web site represents our global store front. We want everyone to know who we are, what we do and come in to browse! We have something for anyone who wants to enlarge their lives by working together to cultivate the lives of children world wide.
Designing the web site was a task that could have been overwhelming. But LOVE Takes Root was assisted by the wonderful work of Bonfire Web Company. Visit our September Volunteer spot light to learn more about them! Even I could learn how to run the back of this site. And ask my older children they would say good job teachers. When I have a computer question or problem my older children take my computer press a few buttons in quick fashion and walk away rolling their eyes. So very helpful. Which by the way we could use volunteers that can press a few quick buttons!
The web site will be opened everyday. Come visit often and continue to follow the blogs. You can always press the contact button give us your e-mail and have some personal interaction. OR place your e-mail address in the bottom tag line and receive our monthly newsletter SEEDS. LOVE Takes Root looks forward to hearing from you!