Roots for a Child

It has been our privilege to sponsor Claudison Blanc through LOVE Takes Root since January of 2014 when this sweet little boy of 8 came to the orphanage. Denny had been on a mission trip to Jacmel in 2012 and was immediately attached to the children. I joined him on a second trip to La Concorde in October of 2013 and felt the same connection to the kiddos. Claudison was not there, so we missed the opportunity to meet him. But after that visit, we made a decision to sponsor a child. Since then, Denny has returned again and met Claudison! It was amazing for both of them! There was time spent getting to know each other, a memorable trip to the beach, and participating in work and Worship together. Since then we have exchanged letters, sent gifts when someone was headed that way, and held him in our hearts and prayers daily. We thought we were helping to support, in some small way, a child who needed us. Turns out, Claudison has been a blessing to us in a very large way!

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