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Love Takes Flight
Teen Transition To Independence

As our children grow and mature, the LOVE Takes Root Board is planning for the time when they leave our care. It is our hope that our children will not just live and get by, they become leaders in Jacmel and Haiti. They will have an education, strong sense of right and wrong, and understanding of the importance of community. These tools give them an opportunity to do great and meaningful things for their communities. To aid the children’s transition, we are creating a LOVE Takes Flight Fund. Each child who is about to leave our care will be encouraged to complete a grant application. Following is a list of some key points of these grants. Acceptable use of grant funds includes, first year’s rent on living accommodations, higher education, trade school tuition and entrepreneurial opportunity, living expenses, etc. Maximum of $1,500.00 US per child.

LOVE Takes Flight money will be maintained in a United States bank account. Applications will only be accepted from children of the La Concorde orphanage. Applications to be reviewed and approved by LOVE Takes Root executive director. Upon accepted grant application, money will be deposited into a Haitian bank account in the name of the children rather than cash, for security purposes.

Funds will not be earmarked for a specific child. Your contribution will go into a common fund that will be drawn on once a grant application has been approved. Can make one-time contribution to this fund or do a regular monthly withdrawal. This can be online or fill out ACH scan to [email protected] OR mail PO Box 885 Spencer, Iowa 51301.

Thank you for your love for these wonderful children. Your support and care are helping not only these individuals’ lives, but also others as our children become Haitian leaders.