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As you read through the different teams that are in place to help on our projects, you may find that you have a certain set of skills that you can bring to a specific team.

How You Can Help


This committee works with Financial records and accountability for LOVE Takes Root. It also provides mentoring for our partners in country with financial record keeping and budgeting.

Education & Wellness

To meet each child where they are developmentally and support their learning, wellness, and life skills development with training, support, and love.

Health, Water & Safety

Assess clean water availability, environmental safety concerns, and health evaluation of each child. Connect to resources available to meet health, water, and safety needs.

Agriculture & Environmental Issues

Evaluate the living conditions and environment specific to each project and determine needs for the implementation of agricultural development.

Mission & Trip Planning

Coordinate details and travel needs for trips and mission opportunities for each project.

Youth Involvement

Establish connections with youth groups to engage them in mission opportunities and other project ideas in which youth can participate.

Marketing, Promotion & Fundraising

Create and distribute marketing materials, manage website and donor list, and plan fundraising events and speaking engagements, all in an effort to promote the current project.

Maintenance & Construction

Manage building and maintenance projects with partners and mentoring relationship for self-sustainability of each project.