About the Fundraiser

Thank you for your support and interest in LOVE Takes Root’s Holiday Giving Fundraiser. We wanted to let you know how the funds will be used. Holiday Giving funds will go toward three main causes.

First, food. We are sorry to say the gang activity has not ceased, which means trade routes are still almost entirely cut off. This creates food supply issues. We hope to use funds to offset the ever increasing price of food and to purchase some luxury items such as chicken. 

Second, funds will be used to purchase necessities. Over the counter medications, socks and underwear, food trays, and any other necessity that we encounter will be funded through your donations. 

Third, we plan to purchase a small gift for each child and staff member. Gang violence impacts all kinds of resources. Gift items are no different. We hope to send some gifts early, but the rest will have to be purchased in Haiti at inflated prices.  

If you wish to support this cause early, you may do so here. We appreciate your support!