Why We Stay

When the going gets tough, the tough keep going. We heard that saying a lot as kids. Right now, it is more applicable than we would like in Haiti. The country has dealt with natural disaster, human disaster, and violence all in the midst of a global pandemic. There seems to be no solutions in sight.
When I first visited Haiti over ten years ago, I remember getting off the plane and looking around. What I saw led me to question what I had done differently in my life to be so blessed with my circumstances while the people of Haiti were living in dire conditions. The answer was nothing– I did nothing different to deserve all I have.

The answer still rings true today, and it is why we will remain tough in the face of adversity in order to support our Haitian partners. We are so thankful we started our project with a strong emphasis on mentoring. We did not want to have Americans full time on the ground “running” the project. We wanted to empower, not enable, our partners. Our intent was never to make others feel indebted to us, but to make an investment in their potential. That is what has allowed La Concorde Orphanage, Primary School, Secondary School, and Medical Clinic to thrive under such difficult circumstances. The leaders of La Concorde have been given the tools to look toward the future, even in the face of extreme adversity. That they have ensured the physical and emotional safety of the children in the orphanage brings hope. Love Takes Root has always understood we cannot change Haiti. Only Haiti can change Haiti. What we CAN do is continue to walk hand in hand with our partners.
We are able to be effective, tough partners because we have support of our own. We at Love Takes Root have learned that it takes a world village. It takes many sharing their gifts to make everything possible. It is the sponsors who never give up on the children. It is the committee members who take the time to both mentor and learn from others. It is the board members and advisory board members who give so much of their time and talents. It is the athletes who choose to raise money while they participate in competitions. And it is the donors who empower us through their generosity. We have an amazing village, and with our village, we will remain tough.